Countertops in bend, redmond, sunriver oregon

Do you want to change the appearance of your kitchen or bathroom; a new countertop will do it. Transform your kitchen, bathroom or laundry room into a space that is beautiful and efficient. The variety of new countertop materials available can give you a spectacular new look, a surface that is easy to clean and maintain. In Central Oregon you will find concrete, granite, tile, plastic laminate and more. No matter what your budget, you can find what you need here.  Countertop installation services are also available.

Countertops are essential when you are renovating your kitchen or bathroom. Your choice in countertops highlights your kitchen design skills, and makes cooking and cleaning a cinch.

Company Info
  • Nelson Tile and Stone, Inc.
    1841 NE Division st
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-410-5090

    We specialize in all your flooring needs, Carpet, Hardwood, Vinyl, and Tile. We have our own in house installation. We also specialize in Solid surface countertops such as Granite and Quartz. We do all our own fabrication and installations. We work on both residential and commercial buildings.

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  • Standard Paint & Flooring
    253 NE Greenwood Ave.
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-382-7465

    paint flooring carpet hardwood tile blinds window covering coverings ceramic porcelain cabinets cabinet cabinetry laminate

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  • Morales VanBlokland Inc
    20732 High Desert Ct.
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-389-4280

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  • Solid Rock Granite, LLC
    593A Sisters Park Ct
    Sisters, OR 97759
    Phone: 541-549-8550

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  • Imagine Stoneworks
    1320 SE Armour Ste A-1
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-312-3885

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  • Cement Elegance
    50 SE Scott St. #13
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-383-2598

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  • Complements Home Interiors
    70 SW Century DriveSuite 145
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-322-7337

    At Complements Home Interiors in Bend, we listen to your design dreams, wants & expectations and formulate a process that effortlessly guides you through all the interior and exterior design stages.

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  • Baptista Tile and Stone
    611 SE Business Way, Suite 101
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-382-9130

    With nearly 30 years in the tile business in Central Oregon, Manuel Baptista, owner of Baptista Tile, is an expert on tile and stone installation.

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  • COCM
    2802 NE Ocker Dr
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-508-2954

    Construction Site

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  • Building Solutions
    62960 Boyd Acres Rd
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-388-9988

    Your one stop shop for commercial and residential building materials. We also do full plan take offs.

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  • Precision Countertops
    63051 NE Corporate Place Suite 1
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-388-7830

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  • Countertops Unlimited
    20685 Carmen Loop Ste. 150
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-617-1156

    We do counter tops, laminate and acrylic solid surfaces.

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  • McCray Built Interiors
    2250 NE Hyatt Ct
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-390-1591

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  • Southward Contracting, Inc.
    61125 Parkwood Court
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-815-3827

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  • Autumnridge Construction Inc.
    PO Box 2264
    LaPine, OR 97739
    Phone: 541-300-0042

    Welcome to Autumnridge Construction Incorporated. We are located in the beautiful High Desert. It is our goal to provide our clients quality work for economized pricing with a commitment for excellence. Projects can sometimes be overwhelming and we are here to make it an easy transition for you. We provide services in all aspects of Home Building and Remodels as well as Handyman Service and Landscaping Renovations. Our company presents a level of superior craftsmanship and service to each client. Please feel free to contact us for an estimate, as we would be happy to serve you.

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  • Akita Building
    , OR
    Phone: 541-419-1924

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  • Leading Edge Stone & Tile, LLC
    21574 Stub Pl
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-480-7270

    Custom fabrication and installation of solid slab surfaces including granite, quartzite, marble and quartz.

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  • Bev-Art
    1315 SE Armour #2
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-388-3457

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There are a wide variety of countertops you can choose from. Some of the most popular countertop materials include:

Granite – offers durability and provides a high-end look
Marble – durable, elaborate and high-end
Quartz – low maintenance and offers a wide range of looks
Tile – sanitary, durable and inexpensive
Wood – provides a polished look and butcher blocks are long lasting
Laminate – inexpensive and easy on the budget

However, you don’t have to stop there. Your contractor is your source for “all things countertops.” With their knowledge and expertise, you will find a plethora of countertop materials that will work in your home.

Green Countertops

When you are looking for environmentally friendly options for a home renovation project, you don’t have to settle. There are many options you can choose from that are sustainable. Talk to your contractor about cork, bio-glass, bamboo and recycled paper.

With a savvy contractor you located on Connection Depot, you can determine which product is the easiest to install and maintain.

Get Assistance Planning Your Project

From the beginning to the end, the success of your countertop installation hinges on your ability to see the project through. This means you will need to understand your needs, but you don’t have to know exactly what you want.

You must also determine a budget. Creating a budget before the project begins ensures you don’t spend too much money.

Additionally, understanding the time commitment is a great way to ensure that the work is getting completed as prescribed and on schedule.

At Connection Depot you don’t have to stress about the completion of your project because our contractors are there to assist you along the way. They can work with any size budget to help you get the countertop to fit your kitchen or bathroom design.

They also provide advice based on industry experience and best practices about materials that will help you in your renovation efforts.

When you are ready, you can easily find the right contractor to install your countertops correctly the first time. Since you are looking for the best options among hundreds of contracts, the prices offered to you are competitive. Additionally, the level of quality you receive from contractors will be exceptional because we strive to connect your with businesses who excel at what they do.

Call an expert today.  Countertop contractors in Bend, Redmond, and Sunriver Oregon