Driveway paving and sealcoating in bend, redmond, and sunriver oregon

Asphalt, concrete, and natural stone are all good driveway options, consult with a Central Oregon driveway specialist for the best surface for your driveway installation or to assist with a driveway repair project.

Does your pavement have a terrible rut in the center where water pools? Are edges are crumbling away, and there are cracks running along the surface as grass and tree roots are poking up?

Often the most neglected part of our homes and businesses, driveways need regular maintenance to keep them functioning properly and looking great. Unfortunately, homeowners and commercial property owners sometimes don't understand what to do to maintain their driveways. They simply think that laying down the new pavement is all that is required.

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Driveways Need Regular Sealing And Occasional Crack Sealing

When a new asphalt driveway is installed, the contractors will place a driveway sealant on the surface. This sealant protects the asphalt from wearing down from the effects of the Central Oregon sun, rain and snow. It also protects your driveway from harsh chemicals from your car as well as road salt. Yet this sealant doesn't last forever. Every three to four years you should have a new application of sealant installed.

In addition, cracks can form along your driveway from a number of reasons such as ground movement, the weight of heavy vehicles parked in your driveway, and tree roots that try to push up to the surface. Sealing those cracks can minimize the damage as well as prolong the life of your driveway.

Hire A Contractor For Your Pavement Installation and Sealant Project

It is always ideal to hire a Central Oregon contractor for those large exterior projects such as driveway paving installation and crack sealing. Bend Oregon Contractors can easily spot problems that you may miss and have those issues addressed before new pavement is placed down. A contractor ensures the driveway is set at the proper angle for water runoff away from homes and buildings, will have the paving material at the right consistency for a strong and durable surface, and will thoroughly seal the pavement without pooling sealant or missing any sections.

Contractors also identify the reasons for driveway cracks. Instead of just constantly sealing over the same crack, they can determine why the driveway is cracking and offer solutions to prevent future damage. Then they can fill in the cracks with the right materials suited for your specific driveway.

The longer you wait about fixing the driveway, the worse it will become as it will cost you more money to complete the project. Hire a driveway and paving contractor today who offers driveway pavement installation and crack sealant services in the Bend, Redmond, and Sunriver Oregon.