Plumbers in bend, redmond, sunriver, oregon

From plumbing repairs like busted pipes and clogged toilets and drains to new plumbing installations, you can find, evaluate and connect with licensed and qualified Central Oregon plumbers through the directory below.  

At Connection Depot, you can find experienced and licensed plumbers who have years of experience fixing plumbing issues or installing new plumbing in residential homes and commercial buildings throughout the Central Oregon regions that include the Redmond and Bend areas. This convenient directory lists plumbers by location, as you can narrow down the search for a plumber who is closest to your area and by what repairs they specialize in.

Company Info
  • Sunset Plumbing
    62979 NE Plateau Dr. #1
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-382-0109

    With an impressive amount of experience unclogging drains and ensuring pipes and lines are running efficiently, we remain one of the area’s leaders in the plumbing industry.

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  • Parazoo Plumbing LLC
    4105 SW Tommy Armour Ln
    Redmond, OR 97756
    Phone: 541-504-2817

    Residential and light commercial plumbing in Central Oregon. Specializing in green plumbing and much more.

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  • Wolcott Plumbing Contractors Inc.
    63027 Plateau Dr. Ste. 1
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-312-8650


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  • Black Diamond Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc.
    812 20th St
    Salem, OR 97301
    Phone: 509-293-2344

    Reliable and dependable plumbing and mechanical company.

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  • Metolius River Plumbing
    PO BOX 6809
    Bend, OR 977086809
    Phone: 541-388-8212

    Metolius River Plumbing, Inc. has been in business for almost 10 years serving the Central Oregon area.

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  • Hydro Pro Inc
    PO Box 115
    Redmond, OR 97756
    Phone: 541-504-3135

    Hydro Pro Plumbing is a family owned and operated company. We serve All of central Oregon 24/7. For professional top quality service please call 541-504-3135 or visit our us at

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  • Severson Plumbing & Mechanical, Inc.
    220 SE Davis Ave
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-382-3720

    We have the utmost respect for our industry and the ways in which it is regulated. We are dedicated to maintaining the fundamentals of quality regardless of severe fluctuations in our local market.

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  • Summit Plumbing
    60564 Barlow Trail
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-410-1655

    Summit plumbing has been serving the Central Oregon region since 1992. Top quality installation and warranty service while keeping project on time and in budget.

    HBA MemberGreenCredentialsAwards 
  • Consolidated Supply Co.
    20625 Brinson Blvd
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-382-1999

    Consolidated Supply Co. still strives to meet the ever growing needs of our customers by providing outstanding customer service along with superior products.

    HBA MemberGreenCredentialsAwards 
  • Day Dream Builders, Inc.
    60401 Tall Pine Ave
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-280-9292

    We can draw a complete set plans, framing, finish carpentry, drywall, painting, electrical, plumbing, tile, siding, roofing, concrete, pretty much everything.

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  • Jim Olson Plumbing
    PO Box 964
    Bend, OR 97709
    Phone: 541-389-0856

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  • Bend Plumbing and Heating
    PO Box 5203
    Bend, OR 97708
    Phone: 541-382-8577

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  • WIN Home Inspection Bend
    12345 Anystreet
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-318-8199

    Residential Inspections, Home Inspections, Commercial Inspections, Quality Inspections New Construction Inspections, Multi-Unit Inspections

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Frozen pipes, leaking pipe joints and backed-up sewer drains are not the types of problems you want to wake up to first thing in the morning when you have to get to work or drive the kids off to school. Before you grab the monkey wrench and a bunch of towels, find the right plumbing professional you need at Connection Depot.

Often, plumbing problems are much more than just a simple tightening of a pipe or a little plumber's cement around the edge of a sink drain. What could look like a simple drip on a pipe could actually lead to a serious plumbing issue that could become worse if a homeowner tries to fix the pipe themselves. Professional plumbers can evaluate the entire problem and give you the best advice to solve your plumbing issue.

Check out the plumber's business license, plumbing awards and memberships, years of experience, and service areas. Then you can contact the plumbers that fit your needs and get quotes for the service work they will perform. The Bend, Oregon plumbers listed at Connection Depot have a wide range of specializations that include plumbing installation in new residential and commercial construction projects, green plumbing, general plumbing repairs, sewer repairs, septic tank repairs, HVAC services, 24-hour emergency plumbing repairs and so much more.

Take the guesswork out of finding a reliable plumber in the Central Oregon region and locate the one you need at Connection Depot. Perform your research faster by comparing plumbers by their services and years of experience. Then select the one that can fix your plumbing problems at the most affordable price that fits into your budget.