Spring - Replace your furnace filter

Spring - Replace your furnace filter
Benefits Summary:
• A clean furnace filter burns more efficiently.
• A clean furnace filter keeps dust particles from circulating.

It’s important to check your furnace filter regularly. Clean filters keep furnaces heating efficiently and reduce the particles in the air. Health effects from breathing particles can include coughing, wheezing, and asthma in addition to allergic reactions. Filters may need to be replaced monthly during heavy usage months but require replacement quarterly. Experts suggest changing them on the first day of each new season (September 22, December 21, March 20, June 21.)

A lean, efficiently burning furnace produces very little carbon monoxide while an inefficiently running furnace can produce deadly amounts, putting your family at risk. Protect your family by simply replacing or cleaning your furnace filters.

Other furnace tips:
• Keep the surrounding area clean and unobstructed.
• Do not close more than 20% of the registers in your home.
• Do not store combustible materials anywhere near your furnace or pipe-vent. This includes gasoline, paint thinner, cleaning solvents, etc.

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