Tip:  Any work done on sprinklers requires the contractor to have a valid license from the Landscape Contractors Board.  Be sure to check the license of your contractor!


Company Info
  • Cascade Pump & Irrigation Services, LLC
    62967 Layton Ave.
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-389-7867

    The rest of Cascade Pump's staff has extensive experience in all aspects of agricultural irrigation, from pump stations to pivots, including design, install and repair.

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  • 4 A Landscape & Irrigation
    19575 Clear Night Drive
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-419-3003

    We listen to your dreams, needs, and budget for creating an outdoor haven that you can relax in and be proud of.

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  • Klein's Irrigation & Landscape
    20975 Royal Oak Circle
    Bend, OR 97701-8473
    Phone: 541-317-1127

    Our design style brings the best of Central Oregon’s natural beauty to your home. We believe landscape design is not about placing plants in the ground, it’s about creating another living space.

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  • First Class Landscaping
    20512 Nels Anderson Place
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-815-4630

    We focus on landscape maintenance, new construction, irrigation and debris/snow removal. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise at extremely reasonable rates.

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  • Thompson Pump & Irrigation, Inc
    63002 Sherman Road
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-382-1438

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  • Naturescapes, LLC
    208 SE Vine Lane
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-647-1411

    Specializing in complete landscape design, installation of custom water features, sod, plants, paver walkways, and irrigation.

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  • LandEscapes, Inc
    63100 Angler Ave
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-330-5815

    We are proud to be an award-winning company of the COBA Tour of Homes. LandEscapes is a locally owned business. We pride ourselves in remaining small with great talent to maintain quality and service

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  • Advantage Custom Landscaping, LLC
    P.O. Box 5635
    Bend, OR 97708
    Phone: 541-647-7645

    Custom Landscaping

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  • Carlseng Designs
    2333 NW Monterey Pines Dr.
    Bend, OR 97703
    Phone: 541-610-6961

    Our landscape designs are structured around our client's specific wishes, creating landscapes that are beautiful, functional and designed to thrive in our environment.

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  • Advanced Underground Utility Locating
    20337 Sonata Way
    Bend, OR 97702
    Phone: 541-678-0629

    Private Utility Locating, Septic system location, Ground penetrating radar, power, communication, fiberoptic, sewer, water, tanks, irrigation, and electrical fault locating

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  • Springtime Landscape & Irrigation Inc.
    62990 Plateau Drive
    Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: 541-389-4974

    At Springtime, our team is committed to designing and building sustainable projects that will ensure the long-term success and vitality of your investment.

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  • V-Works
    18400 Bull Springs Rd
    Bend, OR 97703
    Phone: 541-213-2305

    We provide construction, concrete, forestry and excavation services throughout Bend and all of the surrounding Central Oregon area.

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More important than any other variable in your lawncare regimen, choices in irrigation and sprinklers will determine the health and longevity of your yard’s lawn. Your irrigation and sprinkler system is also vital to all of the plants, bushes, and trees, and helps make your home’s landscaping as beautiful as possible.

In challenging climates like that of ​Bend, Redmond, and Sunriver, planning an irrigation and sprinkler system, or making changes to an existing one, requires careful consideration of the highly variable length of days throughout the year, the large daily temperature ranges and soil types of the high desert, and the sun exposure to your yard (our beautiful pine and juniper trees also create challenging shady spots in lawncare). Correctly planning and implementing an irrigation and sprinkler system helps protect your landscaping investment, obviously, but it also ensures that your yard uses as little water as is necessary, which saves you money and helps to protect an increasingly valuable natural resource.

With advances in technology, too, your irrigation and sprinkler system can be more technologically integrated than ever before, even allowing you to control your yard’s watering needs remotely from anywhere in the world or from just inside your home as part of a larger home automation system. Your local irrigation and sprinkler contractor can help you make your yard’s water use as simple or technologically enabled as you would like.

And don’t forget, anyone working on your irrigation and sprinklers must be a licensed irrigation and backflow professional. Contact any of the approved contractors below for more specific information on your irrigation and sprinkler needs.