Sunriver, Oregon

Sunriver, Oregon is located just south of Bend and is home to the largest resort in the area, the Sunriver Resort. Sunriver attracts tourists year-round to enjoy the many miles of bike trails, three full golf courses and thousands of vacation homes. The Sunriver area is located at a higher elevation than Bend and as a result, the seasonal changes are a little more extreme than the lower elevation areas and more frequent weather related home maintenance is required. If you need a professional to repair or maintain your vacation home or primary home, our service can connect you quickly with qualified contractors that serve the Sunriver area.

You can use the Connection Depot contractor and subcontractor search to narrow your search to businesses in Sunriver. Simply type "Sunriver" and the service or product you are looking for into the search box. Keep in mind that most contractors in Bend also service Sunriver, so if you don't find what you are looking for you can expand your search to include Bend.

In addition, our seasonal promotions like the COBA Tour of Homes will have information and home galleries of the featured homes in the Sunriver area.